Thanks RTV Tour Track!

Shooting Tour Track jobs for RTV virtual tour company has never been more rewarding.  Last week I was sent an order to do a virtual tour and photograph South Texas Vet Specialist Hospital.  As some shooters may confess, “You really don’t get the details of the job until you arrive at the location.”  After stepping into the Lobby and taking a quick glance around I felt a cold rush of sadness.  It was evident that these ill pets and their owners were going through some difficult times. 

After meeting with my contact and discussing the details, I dropped the tripod down into place and began to explain to those in the lobby what was about to take place.  Now getting a few kids out of a hotel pool for an image is one thing, but convincing grieving pet owners they don’t want to be in a photo takes a little more finesse.  I then moved on to the v-tours behind the closed doors. Howling cats, barking dogs and veterinarians dashing in every direction made for an unusual shoot.  I never dreamed I would be in a veterinary operating room wearing scrubs and taking pictures.   Thanks Jacque and RTV! 

Texas Photographer Tim Rider