Thanks for the leads RTV!

Dear RTV & Staff,

I would like to thank you for the referral to the DiSalle real estate group from Toledo!  That was my very first of many virtual tours to come from that office. Your team has that gift of nudging people to success and facing their fears.  🙂  At least you did in my case.  I would still be working on the paperwork side had you not pushed me by giving me this huge lead and making me jump in with both feet. They LOVE the Fusion virtual tour software system by the way. It’s amazing and easy to sell.

I appreciate everything you do for us and for having a staff that is willing to assist at any time.  Plus, Michael and Joyce Thompson (Detroit Virtual Tours)  have been such a big blessing and help to me.  They have showed me a lot of hands on stuff and have allowed me to go with them on various virtual tour shoots so that I can get the training.  They also have a way of calming my inner storm of nervousness.  They have been very kind, helpful and patient with me at all times!  I thank God for you all for being in my life during a major transition in my career. I am excited to see what the future holds.

Thanks again,

Mara Gongora
Toledo Virtual Tours
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