Social Realty 4 – Google Local

Google Places pages have been entirely replaced by new Google+ Local pages. If you check out any of these new format pages, you’ll notice they are considerably more user-friendly,dynamic, and easier to interact with than pre-existing Google Place pages. I’ve heard many experts describe Local+ pages as more attractive and easier-to-use Facebook brand pages and I wouldn’t completely disagree. There are certainly similarities.

Regardless of how you look at them, your Local+ page is your new Google business profile for your virtual tour company, housing all important virtual tour business information.The pages also make use of Google’s acquisition of Zagat from last year, replacing star ratings with more complete 30-point Zagat scores and recommendations to give users a better way to evaluate and select local businesses.

The pages are designed to give business owners a much more social way to interact with consumers, in away that Place pages simply did not allow. Merging your Google+ Business page with your Google Local+ page provides a one-stop Google portal for your business on the Web.

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Nancy Bain
RTV Social Media Director
Virtual Tour Software & Social Media Training