Social Realty Show Tonight + Special Fusion Software Updates

Social Realty - Social Networking for Business Owners RealtorsHello and good afternoon to you. Please don’t forget about attending tonight’s training show. We’ll be showing off the new Fusion custom loader that allows you to brand your customers even further. Please take a look now:

During this evenings class we’ll also be showing you a few other nifty virtual tour software features that are under the hood of the RTV Fusion virtual tour system.  We think you’re going to love what’s coming up next!

After we cover some of these really amazing updates on tonight’s show, Nancy Bain will be showing us all how to setup and optimize your Google Local page and merge it with your new Google Plus account.  If you missed our last show on setting up your Google + account, we’ll do a quick recap on tonight’s show too just to make sure you’re keeping up with us.

See you on tonight’s show. Register Now:


Jason & Team RTV
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