RTV provider Sites Now Pulling Fusion Tours!

Put your business on the webGreat news RTV!! The RealTour Fusion Feed Is Now Ready For Your RTV Website!

It’s finally here! We have finished the upgrade to your virtual tour company provider site to include your new AMAZING FUSION TOURS in the automatic nightly feed of all your virtual tours. All you need to do now is to log into the management section of your virtual tour provider website, and input your Fusion password (the email address you use when you log in here) on your new Settings > Tour Settings management page. Entering your Fusion password there will attach your website to your Fusion account for all future nightly feeds.

We have also moved the TMS RealTour ID field from off of the bottom of your Settings > Settings site management page (where all your company information, logo and header are), onto the same new Settings > Tour Settings management page. Those of you who have TMS accounts will already see your RealTour ID entered there.

View this Help Doc for further instructions regarding the Settings > Tour Settings site management page.

The next step will be providing you with updated Fusion package pages, a new order page, and a new Fusion Tour Window page. All will be optional for you to decide to use on your site, or not. Samples of those future pages can be viewed on our demo site here. All NEW provider sites already come pre-loaded with these new pages. Watch for this next upgrade to your EXISTING site coming soon!

PLEASE NOTE: There are still a small number of you who have not upgraded your site to the provider Site 2.0 Upgrade that we offered in 2011. These upgrades discussed above are not compatible with those sites still using the old site management system. Please contact us soon to get your FREE provider Site 2.0 Upgrade!

Team Byte & RTV
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