October Virtual Tour Marketing Pieces From RPM

Fall is here and it’s time to get cozy with past and potential new virtual tour customers.  Everyone breathes a little easier when the summer rush dies down – take advantage of this transition time to spread the word that –  Fusion is here and it is AMAZING!  We know that many of you have hundreds if not thousands of virtual tours sitting out there on the Tour Builder 4.0 virtual tour software system and we see those as opportunities waiting for you. It’s time to pick up the phone can start converting them over to Fusion!

Our first piece this month can be used for upgrading both real estate clients and business tour clients on over to the new Fusion platform. It’s great for any past customers who may have an older version virtual tour or v-slide with you.  This is a great flyer to email and let them know how easy it is to upgrade to a fusion tour. 

The next marketing pieces have the same basic content and layout but are geared towards Restaurant Virtual Tours, Bed and Breakfasts Tours and Church Virtual Tours. Remember we make these marketing pieces in Microsoft word so you can customize them as you see fit.  They are each 3 page documents.  You can personally decide to email all 3 pages out, print page 1 and 3 and mail it, use only page one or any combination you see fit.  Last of all, the new Fusion PowerPoint is in the final stages of editing and will be posted soon.   All of these will be posted on Rockpointe for you to access, customize and send out.  As always, let us know what YOU need, what YOU think and how we can better support YOUR marketing efforts.  We are in this together!  

Please send any suggestion/recommendation or requests to jill(AT)realtourvision.com and remember to login to your www.RockPointeMarketing.com account today and snag all these pieces!!!

Yours Sincerely,

Jill Sill
RTV Virtual Tour Marketing
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