Monterey Bay Virtual Tours Loves Fusion

Dear RTV,

I just want to rave about Ben, the setup team, the training staff, and the rest of the RTV team for giving Monterey Bay Virtual Tours such an EASY and PROBLEM FREE virtual tour system to plug into! I had a little hardware glitch yesterday, called RTV and within 12 hours it was fixed and I was back up and running again.

I started this virtual tour business as a part time thing that I could easily do with my one year old son on my back, and it now has turned into a full blown business! I keep meaning to complete my status so that I can be a candidate for the Tour Track system and get jobs from RTV’s national accounts, but I haven’t had a slow moment yet! The Fusion virtual tours are selling themselves. It’s awesome!!! I am now in the process of hiring another virtual tour photographer to keep up! This work is enjoyable and hassle-free because of RTV and their dedication to their virtual tour providers.

Thank you guys so much!

Samantha Magenheim

Monterey Bay Virtual Tours
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