Bend Oregon Virtual Tours on the Rise

In our real estate market here in Central Oregon, inventory of unsold homes continues to increase. The most frequent used sales phrase in this market
is: “Price Reduced”.   A large part of real estate agent’s days are spent holding sellers hands. Sellers sometimes have an unrealistic view of how long their homes should take to sell, and are calling their brokers almost daily to ask their agent: ‘What have you done for me lately’?

Most lay people have no idea what takes up a broker’s work week and what it takes to sell a home in this market. Agents can tell their clients they are leaving no rock unturned, and putting out every effort possible to set their clients home apart from all the others. But a virtual tour is something they can point to, and SHOW their clients that they are putting every effort possible to sell their homes. Have you seen Fusion lately I say!!??

Our new Fusion Bend Oregon Virtual Tours are a tangible service that show sellers that their agent is a professional and is doing all they can to sell the home, and get them the highest price possible.

Stop on by today and find out about all the new amazing features that our Fusion virtual tours have to offer.  Here’s a short list:

* Full Motion Video – Enhance your listings with video like never before!
* Agent Tool Box – Login and manage your tours
* Gyro Enabled Mobile Tour – Amazing for listing presentations!
* Gorgeous Printable Flyers – Over thirty elegant layouts to choose from
* 4 Types of Powerful Lead Generation Tools!
* Deeper Weekly Activity Report – More data than ever before

Andrew Wood
Virtual Marketing Plus, LLC
Bend, Central Oregon Virtual Tours
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