Reflections of a traveling tour provider

I spent some time photographing a virtual tour in Goldfield Nevada. The 4 hour drive was worth the time spent getting there and back, it was great!

That brings me to why I am really glad that I’m a provider for RTV.  They have free virtual tour training classes almost every Tuesday, very informative at that. They have updated the virtual tour engine to make it impossible for any other virtual tour company to match.

Everyone that’s a virtual tour provider out there makes you feel like part of their family and they are always willing to answer questions when you need it. I’m very impressed with the way I get support from RTV as well as the other providers, providers that are all over the world.

I feel my photography has improved because of the training from RTV and they are always open to help with my sales effort.  Why would anyone hire any provider from any other tour company, for that matter, why would anyone want to be a provider with any other tour company?

I enjoy photographing real estate, commercial, restaurants and being creative whenever I can.  I am very confident that my work is far better than any tour company in the northern Nevada area. It pleases me to provide photography to Non-Profit organizations here in Nevada as well.

If you don’t love what you do, are you missing out on being as happy as you can be? I am thrilled that I’m able to be a photographer full time, partly because of RTV .

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