Fusion Virtual Tour Software Updates & More on the Way!!

We’ve been extremely busy here at RTV virtual tour company getting ready for our next battery of major system updates, enhancements and new feature releases.  Expect to see just over fifty new product releases for the Fusion virtual tour system over the next ninety days. These will be additional features being added to what’s already the most advanced virtual tour system on the market. For those of you who missed our webinar last night you can now preview the entire show at www.RockPointeMarketing.com 

For those of you that are not yet setup in our Fusion Tour Track system yet, I highly encourage you do to so as soon as possible. RTV just picked up another National Account last week and we’ll be shooting parking lots across the USA.  The payouts on these jobs are range from $400 to $600 to our photographers!  Just get on our Radar or call in and find out if we already have coverage in your area.  If you’re not setup in Fusion we’re not sending you leads or Tour Track dispatches: http://manage.realtourvision.com/trial.php

Over the next couple days we’ll be increasing the default Fusion image resolution. Please start making sure that you’re uploading your images at a minimum of 2000 pixels high. You’ll also have the ability to upload images at your own size and compression specifications here shortly using our new MySize feature. MySize will be released in October and will allow you to fully control your still and panorama size and bypass RTV’s Smart Sizer. Here are some sample Fusion productions: https://www.realtourvision.com/tourdemos.php

Some other features that were recently added include:
•    You now have the ability to turn on or off the second loader screen (Home Screen)
•    RTV has TWO very attractive Craigs Ads, one of which is a simple version and the other is graphic intensive
•    A new version of our traffic report has been released that now shows even more data. Check it out
•    Scene lengths are now automatically adjusted if your voiceover or AudioPal narration runs over your transition time
•    Traffic reports now show how many people scanned your QR code
•    Now easily turn scene titles on or off using a single switch
•    Your company ad will now appear on all of your craigslist ads creating a link back to your company
•    Agent profiles support multiple email addresses to auto populate for weekly reports
•    Now renew your syndication with a single mouse click for multiple tours
•    Selective Rip to Video feature that allows you to leave some tour scenes out of your YouTube video

If you’re not setup yet on Fusion please don’t delay! http://manage.realtourvision.com/trial.php

We’ll see you on our next Talk Show.

Yours Sincerely,


PS. We’re also near completion with our private labeled links.
2754 Lake Leelanau Dr  virtual tour is here: http://VirtualTours.BlueLaVaMedia.com/19865