Cheers to RTV Technical Support Team

Dear RTV Team,

All too often people don’t recognize or verbalize the appreciation they have for the help they receive when running their virtual tour business.  Today I was once again reminded of just how strong the support from RTV really is, and especially from Ben Knorr.  He is extremely well prepared, and always, and I mean always, makes sure to answer, follow up and find any answer you need.  He is always very pleasant to talk with and one of the most knowledgeable support people I have ever run into.  I also love all of his talk shows that he does for RTV, The IMAGE.

I want to extend my deep gratitude for the entire staff you have put together, my appreciation also extends to you all. In this day and age the team at RTV is a real stand out!  Keep up the great work, my friends, and thanks from the bottom of my heart! Loving Fusion and working hard to be the

All the best,

Mike Willett
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