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The RTV, Inc Tour Track program has paid professional photographers around the world millions of dollars over the years.  We want to make sure that you’re up to speed on the new fully integrated Fusion Tour Track.  Please watch our new Fusion Tour Track Orientation video below.

If you’re not setup on Fusion or on our Tour Track system, you’re most likely missing out on several thousand dollars of revenue each year.  With a variety of photography jobs that pay you anywhere from $100 to $700, being on your radar should be a top priority for you. Please visit our Tour Track orientation page to get setup on Fusion and start getting photography jobs today!
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Check our new website at:
We’ve made other changes too!
Introducing . . .   
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Our revolutionary NEW Virtual Tour System Insight Fusion,
is changing the way people view virtual tours.
  • Full Motion Video
  • 4 Unique Lead Capture Tools
  • Agent Tool Box
  • Powerful Listing Exposure Generator
  • Amazing Tour Traffic Reports
  • Gyro Enabled HTML5 Mobile Tours
  • Scene by Scene Voice Over Narration
  • Click here to sample Insight Fusion
Insight Fusion is here and you will NEVER look back!
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FUSION Flash and HTML5 Media Player
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A virtual tour is a 24-7 open house. Professional photography and
virtual tour services are perfect for busy Real Estate markets. With an
eye for detail, RTV Photographers are highly trained,
professionals that use specialized cameras & specialized shutter control systems to best
showcase your client’s home. Years of experience combined with the
latest digital technology allow us to produce outstanding results with
the greatest efficiency. 

Why would you want to include a virtual tour in your home marketing efforts? Or why wouldn’t you? Nowadays, buyers don’t even look at online listings if they don’t include a virtual tour.  Virtual tours take you inside the home and give you a 360-degree view. Virtual tours are made up of a series of photographs that create a 360-degree view or spin of an area, interior or exterior of a home. The photographer uses a tripod and takes 12 photographs that are put together to create a 360 panoramic image, high quality digital still images and now full motion video!

Virtual Tours help sell homes locally. To sell a house, you need exposure. Gaining national exposure for your home will help those out of town who might be relocating to your area. With Virtual Tours someone out of town can get a complete picture of your home. For locals, we offer QR codes and sign riders that go on the real estate sign with a designated web address of the tour.

This and much more is what our Vero Beach virtual tour company can offer you and your seller.

Ivan Herrera & Claudia Jaramillo
Vero Beach Virtual Tours
Perfect Images
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I am officially registering to run the St. Louis Rock and Roll Half Marathon.  It will no longer be me wanting to run a half marathon but me committing myself and my money to run a half-marathon.  In addition to blogging about this, I am going to actually post it on Facebook and tell all my friends, family (and those people on my Friends list who I am not quite sure how I know) that I am going to run a half marathon. Wow, that makes it real!!

Now understand, I have the option of waiting to register until I am closer to the race date to see if I can really do this.  I can justify waiting to make the commitment — I have never run 13.1 miles!   I don’t know for sure if I can do this so maybe I should wait.  Trust me, if there was a medal for procrastination, fear and excuse making, I would win GOLD!

But something changes when I actually make the commitment official.  Something changes when I pay the registration fee.  Something REALLY changes when I make the commitment public.

When we originally started photographing 360 tours, we both had full time jobs and virtual tour photography looked like a great source of additional income.  Greg was the Assistant Manager of Recruiting for the 2010 Census.  For the first time since getting his degree in Commercial Photography, he had a job doing something other than working as a professional photographer.  I was working as Assistant Director of Admissions at a therapeutic boarding school.  We had a comfortable income with paychecks that came in every two weeks.

Our virtual tour business was a priority for us but honestly not our top priority.  In addition to working full time, we were remodeling a house and planning our wedding.  We started the virtual tour business with the ultimate plan of having it eventually be Greg’s full time job but for a year and a half, we had other things that got in the way.  One of those things was my fear that we would not generate enough income doing residential real estate virtual tours.  Because we had the safety net of those regular paychecks, we didn’t have to make our virtual tour business our top priority.

All that changed quickly when the Census wrapped up and Greg’s job ended.  Shortly after that the house remodel was finished, we got married at the house and then moved into a small apartment.  A month later, the school where I was working was no longer able to make payroll.  Suddenly our virtual tour business moved up the priority list very quickly and we were forced to make a commitment.

EVERYTHING CHANGED when we made that commitment.  Hotel photography was a great IDEA when we bought the equipment for our virtual tour business a year and a half earlier but Vision Quest Virtual Tours became REAL the day I quit my job and took that leap of faith with no safety net or Plan B.  Within two weeks, our virtual tour sales had replaced both of our full time salaries and there has not been a month since that our income has not been enough to live comfortably.  We just hit an income milestone that would have seemed impossible when we first started.

I hate to think of all that we would have missed if I had allowed fear, procrastination, a desire for comfort and excuses get in the way of our successful virtual tour business.  The same principle applies whether it is starting a new business or running an endurance event like a half marathon or marathon.  There is a big difference between an idea and a commitment so COMMIT and just watch how far you can go!

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Dear RTV Team,

All too often people don’t recognize or verbalize the appreciation they have for the help they receive when running their virtual tour business.  Today I was once again reminded of just how strong the support from RTV really is, and especially from Ben Knorr.  He is extremely well prepared, and always, and I mean always, makes sure to answer, follow up and find any answer you need.  He is always very pleasant to talk with and one of the most knowledgeable support people I have ever run into.  I also love all of his talk shows that he does for RTV, The IMAGE.

I want to extend my deep gratitude for the entire staff you have put together, my appreciation also extends to you all. In this day and age the team at RTV is a real stand out!  Keep up the great work, my friends, and thanks from the bottom of my heart! Loving Fusion and working hard to be the

All the best,

Mike Willett
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