The Virtual Tour Tie Breaker!

We recently photographed some real estate virtual tours for a family in our hometown.  The family was relocating out of state due to a job promotion and needed to sell their house quickly.  They were given two choices of Realtors by their corporate relocation company and they interviewed them both.  While we were photographing their home, the homeowners were quick to mention that they made their choice between the two Realtors solely because of the fact that the one they chose was going to have a professional virtual tour done for the house and the other was not.

We know both these Realtors and can attest to the fact that all else really was equal.  They were dealing with two very successful and experienced Realtors.  We live in a small town where every Realtor in town knows the others listings for the most part.  Both Realtors suggested the same price for the house and were taking the same commission for the sale.  If it had been a personality contest, the Realtor they chose would definitely not have been the winner!

Because the home owners are moving out of state, they are searching for their new home mostly online and then will go to the new location for a few trips before they actually have to start the new job.  Their time is limited when they are in town for these short trips so they said that professional photography and good virtual tours are the one thing that allows them to narrow down which houses they are going to look at on these short trips.

For their upcoming home buying experience, this professional virtual tour and high quality pictures allowed them to create a short list so they knew that the buyer for their home would likely do the same.  The winner of the Realtor choice for them was easy — they chose the one who would be providing a professional virtual tour of the home they are selling.  If you need assisted care photography or real estate photography give us a call!