The FORMULA 63 – Fusion Exposure Engine

Please join me Tuesday August 14th at 7:00 PM Eastern for a full review of the built in Syndication Tools found under the hood of the powerful Fusion virtual tour system. RTV is establishing new Syndication partners every couple of weeks who are eager to pull data from the several thousand virtual tours and interactive virtual media presentations that RTV is pumping out each month. During the show we’ll cover how to setup your YouTube feed, how auto labels, tags, tour link and video description works on the Fusion system. We’ll take a closer look at the Craigslist Widget and how to further customize your Craigslist ads. Finally we’ll discuss in detail how to setup your Fusion Exposure Engine and what you might charge your clients for this ongoing added exposure and listing maintenance.

Home sellers are demanding syndication to as many sites as possible and it’s your job to educate your customers on value of “Good” syndication VS “Bad” syndication. Bad syndication is pushing listings out there that have been sold or send out listing with incorrect pricing and worst of all having all of your listings out there on syndication sites without your customers branding on them.  RTV has setup a formula and process for our virtual tour providers to follow that establishes a foundation for practicing “Good” syndication.  We’ll be covering this in detail on the show.  See you there RTV. Don’t forget your notepad and Ginko.  

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Team RTV

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