Scheduled TMS Manager Maintenance & Up and Coming Updates

Hello everyone and good afternoon to you. I wanted to drop by here today and let you know that we’ll be working very hard Thursday evening on several updates  to the RTV virtual tour manager system (NOT OUR TOUR SERVERS).  We’ll be taking our manager offline on Thursday, August 2nd at 9:00 PM Eastern.  I apologize for any inconvenience this may case you but it’s in preparation for many enhancements over the next several weeks.

Virtual Tour Software Updates:
We’re working hard on finishing up virtual tour syndication and distribution for virtual tours in both the USA and Canada. If you missed our Syndication video you can watch that in our Facebook group. Over the last week we’ve been continually working on perfecting our image detection system allowing you to save more and more time during your build process. Secondly, I’m sure that all of you have noticed how FAST and ZIPPY the TMS has been since our last update.  We have even more improvements to make in this area as well and you’re going to love where we take things as we move through August. You’ll see many improvements in the days to come on our Printable Flyer Engine.  The Flyers are going to be stellar and your customers will love how beautifully they print.  We’ll also be launching our EasyMLS  feature for USA and Canada which will save everyone time during the build process. Get ready for a wonderful month at RTV and all of us look forward to seeing you on our next show.

Yours Sincerely,

Jason LaVanture
Awesome Virtual Tour Software & Digital Marketing Training