Rumblings for the 2013 Virtual Tour Provider Convention

Hello everyone!  We’ll there’s already a ton of chatter going on out there regarding the 2013 RTV Virtual Tour Provider convention here in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan. We’re expecting at least 200 or more providers here in Traverse City next year and will have out grown holding the event at the top of the Park Place Hotel. 

We’ll most likely be holding the event in the ball room since it holds several hundred people or at the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa that is just outside of town. 

Many of you have also been asking us for the video footage from the 2012 event.  Originally we were very hopeful to have for you a DVD that would showcase the several training classes as well as the speeches, awards ceremony and fun that was had at the Top on Friday night. 

We hired staff, we purchased recording media and even hired a production company to compile, edit and produce the event onto a DVD.  We soon discovered that our staff did not record any of Friday night’s events, the recordings from the training classes were shot too far back and you’re unable to make out what’s on the over head projectors. The background noise makes it difficult to hear the speaker. And finally our production company (Island Digital Images) has told us that we will need to produce ten, yes TEN DVD’s to get the entire event to those of you that could not make it. Being that we were already nearly a thousand dollars into this we decided instead of throwing more time and money into the recordings it’s just not going to work out. We will not be attempting to record the entire conventions moving forward.  We’ll focus on short interviews with providers, the speeches and awards ceremony and such.

To those of you who came to our 2012 virtual tour provider convention we thank you and hope to see all of you back here next year.  For those of you who could not make the event this year we hope to see you there too and we’re sorry that our video production did not turn out better.  You’ll all just have to make sure you get up to Traverse City once a year!  Maybe one day we’ll do a cruise or catch up with you in Las Vegas!

Yours Sincerely,

Team RTV
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