Mark Jay on Pricing your tours

My pricing is very simple….  The cost is $100.00 for the Virtual Tour AND up to 25 still images.

***There CAN be other costs and those are discussed at the end of this post but those costs are optional.
You get as many “scenes” in a Virtual Tour–up to 20– as it takes to properly display the property.  A “scene” can consist of a 360 degree spin… great for exteriors and large rooms… or a partial spin that pans across a room…great for small areas like many bedrooms, bathrooms and laundry rooms… or… a single still image displaying a detail.

In other words, a Virtual Tour consists of a series of “scenes”… full moving 360 panoramic spins, partial full moving pans, or still images… in whatever combination best displays the property.

The 25 still images included in the package are for upload to MLS.  Some of the still images may appear in the Virtual Tour if it makes sense to do that.

Also included in the Virtual Tour package at no additional cost is a report that shows information about the number of “hits” the Virtual Tour generates… where those hits originated from… and what scenes the the consumer viewing the Virtual Tour looked at.  Here’s a link to one of the reports  These reports are sent out weekly and are a tool that Agents working with their Sellers find extremely useful in measuring marketing results.  Call me for details.

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