Kudos to RTV Support

I wanted to take a minute and shoot the team a quick letter to let you know about my experience with your customer support team this afternoon. I wanted to move some credits from the old virtual tour system to new Fusion virtual tour system and I had a question about video formats for the new tour system. Ben Knorr moved the credits for me and instead of telling me the acceptable video formats he actually took the time to show me how to fish! He made me go to the Learning Center. (Keep in mind this is the first I am seeing of some of this, as my Partner has been handling the virtual tours).

We have not done a good job of promoting the new system so far but will real soon. We’re in the process of setting up some sales meeting presentations to correct that. I asked Ben “What are the 3 Game Changers of the new system” and he proceeded to go down the list which was actually much longer than three! During the conversation, he mentioned the Interactive Media Presentations VS just virtual tours. What heck? Literally over night RTV trumps everyone out there and poof. Virtual tours are gone and interactive virtual media takes the stand as the new best thing. That could be a Guinness Commercial…It’s BRILLIANT! He talked to me about Fusion logos, icons and webinars that are in the new Marketing System and needless to say, I can’t wait to dig into the RPM center and snag as much Fusion assets as possible!

Anyway, I wanted to take the time to all of you know what a great job you all did on the new Fusion virtual tour system and how amazing Ben was today helping me see all the bells and whistles you guys have packed into this thing.  He even got me jazzed up about the virtual tour conference next year! You guys were extremely instrumental in helping us build our St Augustine virtual tour company and continue to help keep us relevant. I really appreciate you guys!

Thanks for everything,

Dave Hall,
Vice President of Marketing
Listing Solutions
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