Big Updates & August Show Lineup

Hello RTV! Keep your eyes out for some virtual tour software awesome update that will be happening here Thursday night. The The changes being made will allow for even faster Fusion virtual
tour load speeds and further optimized virtual tour size. The update will also prepare us for more updates that will be happening between Friday and early next week that will enhance response times within the TMS during virtual tour creation and tour management.

Ongoing Technology Updates:
As you know, the Syndication services that are under Fusion’s hood are rapidly growing.  We’re now fully approved for distribution on many of the world’s largest travel and real estate portal sites.  Please register for our up and coming shows this month by logging into your TMS: and if you’re not a part of our secret Facebook group where we post
real time updates please find ‘Jason LaVanture’ (me) on Facebook and ask me to add you.  If you’re already connected with me but not part of the group just message me and I’ll add you right away.

We’re also expected to release our next version of our Printable flyers here over the next seven days that will allow you to display MUCH more information on our GORGEOUS flyer layouts and also print both our Graphic Intensive and Ink Friendly Flyer.

So much more coming your way. Stay tuned and We’ll see you on our next show RTV!! Enjoy all the new technology.


Jason LaVanture And Team RTV
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