Beware The Penguin – Social Realty Episode 2 Draws Huge Attendance

Social Realty - Social Networking for Business Owners RealtorsLast’s night’s show was a huge success. We talked about the Google Penguin algorithm and it’s update being first announced in April 2012.  The Penguin was aimed at decreasing search engine rankings of websites that use SEO techniques such as keyword stuffing, link schemes and duplicate content. It’s Google’s way of cleaning up spam and rewarding sites that follow the rules. 

Don’t get me wrong….  You still need to have your geographical keywords in place so that search engines know what your site is about. Your images should still be optimized by keyword names and of course your title should have your keywords first.

Content is (still) king! Update your virtual tour blog regularly. We try to blog at least twice a week. Share your content and industry research. People love information, guides and tutorials. We love to share our expertise and how we do things. Check out our Slideshare marketing tutorials for business.
You want to keep Google happy right? Design your site and write your content so it follows Google’s best practices. 

This is what we know:
Monitor the health of your site regularly. View our Guide to Google Webmaster Tools to learn how to add your site, check indexing status, see 404 and crawl errors. Use Google Analytics to get interaction metrics on Facebook and Twitter. View our Guide to Google Analytics.

69% of people access the net via mobile device DAILY. Your site should be mobile friendly. Google loves a responsive web design.Write to the human and not to spiders. Google loves great, unique content that inspires people to share. It’s about the excitement you create and the value you provide your followers.

“Google favors social sharing: likes, shares, tweets,  and +1′s, with less emphasis on people linking to your site. It’s all about social “shares” and engagement on your site”. Read full article

The great news? If you write about a subject you are passionate about, you’ll write often. Google loves a site/blog that is updated regularly. The more fresh content you add to your site, the more often your site will be indexed and crawled. Writing from you heart to (real) people and not spiders should feel natural and fun.

Now, get your “blog on” RTV and make sharing your blog (across your social networks) part of your blogging routine. Don’t forget to send a copy of your blog in to RTV for our virtual tour provider blog here too.

On our next episode of Social Realty, we’ll talk about the (necessary evil) Google Plus. I’ll show you how to set up and optimize your Google+ account, sync it with your Google Local account and strategies for getting (G+) reviews.

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See you on the next episode of Social Realty!!

Nancy Bain
RTV Social Media Director
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