What a Great Year!

Wow what a year this has been!  And I can’t believe it will be July 4th in a couple days!

My name is Jay Curley, I have been a professional photographer since 1991, first in Raleigh North Carolina, and moved to Wilmington North Carolina in 1998. My company Jay-Cyn’s Creations Photography is a busy wedding and portrait studio but I also enjoy architectural photography.  In 2008 I began to take assignments from a real estate Virtual Tour provider. I found photographing real estate and interacting with wonderful Realtors and homeowners to be a nice change of pace from photographing weddings every weekend. Unfortunately the company I was doing Virtual Tour assignments for did not have enough work for me in the New Hanover County and Brunswick County areas here in Wilmington, to keep me busy enough. 

I decided to investigate how I could add this type of service to my business.  After a few weeks of research I called RTV, Inc in Michigan, and they explained how I could join an outstanding network of Virtual Tour and interactive digital marketing companies that are affiliated with Real Tour Vision all over the world.

That is when I thought of the name for my new company: Virtual Tours of Wilmington (VTW). I decided on VTW so that I could keep my portrait studio separate from the interactive digital marketing company that I am building.  RTV has been phenomenal as my business partner. With many webinars and tutorials and marketing ideas they have helped me get up and running quickly.  The technical support from Ben Knoorat RTV,has been outstanding and the RTV Convention my wife and I attended in Traverse City Michigan was fantastic.  We met dozens of other Real Tour Vision Business Affiliates who were quite gracious in sharing ideas and strategies to build our interactive digital media business.

At the convention in May at the Park Place Hotel in Traverse City, the new RTV interactive user interface known as FUSION was demonstrated.  The new FUSION system isabsolutely amazing, with all of the wonderful features and tools that the new Virtual Tour Viewer has to help our clients experience the best interactive Virtual Tour System on the market.

With the new system we now have ability to add video and audio into a rich fast viewing experience.  I feel confident that my virtual tour business will begin to flourish as smart Realtors and Business owners see the inherent value in the products and services that Virtual Tours of Wilmington is able to offer and produce.

We are looking forward to providing unparalleled service and affordable marketing solutions for all of southeast North Carolina. Please call us at 910-300-8687 to find out how we can help you, our website can be found at www.vtilm.com

Jay Curley
Virtual Tours of Wilmington
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