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Exposure Fusion is here! – Exposure Elements launches Exposure Fusion….

Exposure Elements had officially launched Exposure Fusion  to San Francisco Bay Area virtual tour clients businesses.  We have been talking about this interface redesign with our customers since early this year and  recently finished our first interactive internet commercial for a local business.  Developed by our virtual tour technology partner, Real Tour Vision  (RTV), this interface instantly becomes the virtual tour software all other virtual tours will be measured by. 

RTV did an outstanding job delivering not just the standard features but delivering virtually every feature they could uncover in any virtual tour product and also some new features that no other virtual tour companies have out there.  These are things that will distinguish Exposure Fusion from our competition for years to come!  Our customers will benefit from the addition of full motion video and three different ways to create voice tracks including our favorite, a unique text2voice feature.   It doesn’t stop there,  these interactive virtual tours have lead generation benefits, tour distribution benefits and social networking that will connect your virtual tour with the world.

This 360 tour interface not only can create a great virtual tour for the real estate market but it offers a truly unique opportunity for businesses to create an interactive internet commercial that will be engaging and memorable for their viewers.  Leveraging the integrated e-flyer, businesses such as restaurants and banquet facilities can offer their clients an attention grabbing way to show their facility in a way that their competition can’t replicate.   The custom panning features designed into our virtual tours assure businesses that they will keep the focus on their best features as their viewers interactively navigate the virtual tour.  Our  reporting tool gives businesses an in-depth  validation of the performance of their investment that few other marketing tools can offer. 

We could ramble on and on about unique features of this virtual tour but we’d run out of page space before we ran out of features and benefits.  In the end we have to offer our thanks and gratitude to our virtual tour software and technology partner, RTV.  They took 11 years of experience working with over 1000 virtual tour companies and created the virtual tour system that all other virtual tours will measure by.    They also assure us that their virtual tour technology is modular enough that they have room to grow so they can continue to stay ahead of the curve for years to come.    We are extremely fortunate to have this quality partner committed to delivering our clients the best in virtual tour software and technology . 

Thank You Real Tour Vision

Exposure Fusion is here!.  

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