RTV Launches AdRev – Advanced Tour Banner Ad System

AdRev is one of many new features to come after the launch of the powerful Fusion virtual tour system.  AdRev allows virtual tour providers both In House and Full Service to have even more space on the virtual tour for their personal brand and provides a link back to a landing page of choice.

AdRev sets the bar for advertising off of interactive virtual media. presentations. A transparent scrolling banner ad is strategically placed in the lower left side of the Fusion virtual tour player. Click here for a sample virtual tour showing two rotating advertisers: http://fusion.realtourvision.com/84787

The Fusion virtual tour system take things to the next level by automatically sending out a nice weekly traffic report showing advertisers exactly how many clicks, impressions and display time they are receiving on the virtual tours. AdRev is just one more feature that sets the advanced Fusion system far ahead of the pack and gives RTV customers more revenue opportunities than ever before.

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See you there!

Team RTV
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