Perfect Timing For Fusion!

RTV’s new virtual tour software program, Fusion could not have come out at a better time for me.  I had been living and working at my virtual tour business in Summit County Colorado.  It was going very well for me.  I was a former Realtor and when the market went south I decided to go into Photography a passion of mine.  So virtual tours and RTV was a perfect fit, then I decided to move back to my hometown and offer virtual tours of San Diego California.  I moved out here in mid June and after a week of unpacking and getting my new home settled I went out and started visiting local real estate offices and joined the area Realtor association.  I like to use constant contact to send out a nice professional email to potential clients.  I put one together and sent it out to 250 agents and got 2 calls that week.  Not huge results but it was something. 

Then Fusion came out and I was able to do my first two virtual tours here in the Fusion model.  I really like the design and the agents are happy too.  Then what I do is make an email for the agent on Constant Contact that says – Broker X has a new listing in —- -, I then put a picture I took, the listing information, a link to the virtual tour, and a block with the agents information.  At the bottom I have: Virtual Tour provided by Ms. Virtual Tour and my contact info.  I do this for free for the agent, it’s a win for them and for me and the agents love that I do that for them.  When other agents see me sending this out it gets their attention.  I had one agent in Summit County wanting to hire me to do all of his online marketing.  Thankfully I was able to find a replacement in Summit County and would like to welcome Jen Munn to the RTV family.

Mary Ourada
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