Fusion = Maximum Customer Attraction

Dear RTV:

I’ve just got to congratulate the entire team on a truly magnificent achievement in the new Fusion virtual tour system. I’ve never seen anything like this. You’re a good 14-18 months ahead of anything else out there! I did my first two virtual tours on it this week and the response has been fantastic.

I think the computer generated voice over brings a whole new dimension to the interactive virtual media presentations. My new customers were in awe and agreed that it gravitates the viewer to the items being highlighted, and makes the viewing experience more enjoyable. Best of all it took less than a couple minutes to add to the virtual tour.

The ease of compiling the new flyers, virtual tours to YouTube, Craigslist ads, e-brochures and more were a real pain in the old virtual tour system since it had to be updated weekly. RealTour Fusion has really helped me save time and make more money!!  I enjoyed the webinar last night, even though I was a little late in getting in.

Please see the comments below from Mary Rocco, first time in her office, Rich Realty in Orland Park.
The second virtual tour is for a builder in New Lenox, and this is the second virtual tour from him.

“Dear Jim,
Thank-you for all your hard work, you did a great job and I’m very
pleased with how it turned out. I do think when the agents in my office
see your work they will be calling you to make there listings look as
beautiful as mine. Hope to work with you again very soon. – Mary”

Again, to the entire team over at RTV, many thanks for creating the most superior virtual tour product on the market today. I’m not sure if you can really call these virtual tours anymore. They’re more like a work of art!

Mary’s Virtual Tour:

Camelot Homes Virtual Tour:

Thank you all so much!


Jim Griffin
LaVelle Studios LLC
New Lenox Virtual Tours & Real Estate Photography
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