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SOUTHEAST MICHIGAN – July 7 2012 – –

Real Vision Studio a southeast, Michigan virtual tour and internet marketing company has announced the release of their all new “Real Fusion” (R) virtual tour system. This is their 5th generation virtual tour system. Real Fusion combines full 360° panoramas views, dynamic full motion video and high quality digital still photos in one lighting fast virtual tour viewer.

Real Fusion is a complete marketing system. With the largest, clearest and brightest virtual tour window on the market today, this is only one of the many great features to the Real Fusion System. Real Fusion has four different types of lead generation built in, gyro enabled mobile tour with an iPhone or iPad,  weekly reports and deep stats, allowing their customers to see who is looking at their virtual tour, gorgeous flyers, map widget allows users to see where your location is or listings are, AudioPal allows a low cost voice narration for our tours, customer toolbox allows our clients the ability to login and make changes and get their leads. See a system overview by clicking here.

With the release of their new virtual tour system, they have also added “ProTouch Photos” (R) to their list of services offered. Joyce Thompson, owner/photographer of Real Vision Studio said “our new ProTouch photos allow us to go into any situation regardless of where the sun is that day and create stunning high quality digital still photos”. The sun can be your be friend or your worst enemy said Thompson. This process we are now offering gives us the upper hand on our photos coming out the way we and our clients want them, enhancing the colors and balancing natural light with incandescent light. You can see some samples of the new ProTouch Photos by clicking here.

Full motion video allows the team at Real Vision Studio to showcase certain things present at the location they are photographing. Michael Thompson, marketing/project manager at Real Vision Studio said “With the introduction of Real Fusion this allows us to offer our clients full motion video to introduce the property, showcase a water feature,  show a the lake or pond or even show a hot tub in operation”. One of the first properties we did when in beta testing was home listed for sale in Canton, Michigan and it had a beautiful pond and waterfall in the backyard. When I loaded that virtual tour for the first time, I was amazed at the dimension it added to the virtual tour presentation said Thompson. You can see some samples of full motion video by clicking here.

About Real Vision Studio

The virtual tour company is the largest privately owned virtual tour and internet marketing company in southeast, Michigan. Real Vision Studio shoots virtual tours for real estate, business and the vacation and travel industry across the US.

For more information on the products, or to order online, visit or call 734-727-2276.

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