360 Virtual Tours The New Bionic Revolution

A new generation is upon us where technology has met it’s match in 360 virtual tour software. This is The 360 Virtual Tours New Bionic Revolution. When I signed up with RTV I had no idea that today I would be writing this blog about such a thing. Most of the time it actually hard to find a great topic to keep our blogs moving but this is a graet one and one I feel will benefit you the readers. You see, I was actually quite content with the older RTV virtual tour software they did have in place for us providers to create pretty lavish v-slide and 360 virtual tours for our clients, but today a change literally overnight in the virtual tour technology occurred. This was a change so un-like what I would have ever have expected unleashed for us to build some pretty darn amazing virtual tours.  You really have to see them to believe it.  Check it out:

New custom tours now offer full fledged features like YouTube Videos, QR Codes, scannable on smartphones and pads, Colour Fliers, Social Network Integration and even embed code for your website. In other words this is one powerful virtual tour system and when being able to add a cool new system like this to our already state of the art HDR camera and software technology it just means a perfect and unforgettable tour for your business or real estate every time.

 There are no other other virtual tour systems that come close to ours and point in case our system tops all the others with a ton of new features way too many to mention. Virtual Tours are changing. The method of delivery has definately changed and guess what now you can have the 360 virtual tour you have always wanted and dreamt about.Did you know that most other competitors consider a small box or window on a computer screen a tour? Or how about those folks with the boxy look to them? Ok, so they add a google map and it looks a bit fancier, again nothing comes remotely close to the virtual tour technology that has been put forth so we can create and not hesitate on any aspet of creation for you the customer.

Today Internet is in just about every home both in the USA and outside the USA. Internet is getting faster and jjust about everyone has a smartphone and a pad not just one but both as well as computer so think about it a way to deliver the perfect virtual tour, streamlined, super fast load speeds and plays on just about any device makes sense? Full Screen HD resolution, that makes sense Our new system that really makes smart sense. I am always asked by buisness owners what is this and how can it work for me?

The answer is that this is an amazing new form of digital media, a fully interactive 360 virtual tour that puts you in control. Secondly, it is a great addition to your already super marketing that already have in place. With internet growing isn’t it time you start reaching the masses with one of the most impressive seo driven 360 virtual tour software platforms available? Well, now you can.

Greg Osborne has been in the forefront of the Hollywood Motion Picture Industry for over 25 years. He and Mirage Virtual Tours have the experience in production, lighting, computer graphics, software, HDR, editing and post of HDR to make your next 360 virtual tour sparkle. We are here to answer any questions you may have about any aspect of 360 virtual tours, HDR Photography and how we may help in bringing your your next project into reality.

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