RTV Welcomes Mike “Pretty Boy” Peterson

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I was born in st. Louis, Missouri on a warm
march afternoon. They called me Mike ‘pretty boy’ Peterson (for obvious
reasons) and I’ve been being awesome ever since. At 13 I started my
first business modifying video game consoles. At 14 I discovered my love
of the comic arts and filmed my first cartoons. Being a bit of a
history buff, I went on to earn a degree in anthropology from Purdue

2011 brought me to beautiful northern Michigan, where i currently
reside and am able to spread my particular brand af awesomness to the
lovely residents of Traverse City. When I’m not making people smile
(happens a lot) I divide my time between playing music, perfecting my
art skills,and being the guy with dreadlocks here at RTV virtual tour company.

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