RTV launches new RealTour Fusion platform to first 100 providers.

Wednesday we launched our new RealTour Fusion system to about 100 of our virtual tour providers.  Our virtual tour portal www.RealTourFusion.com is quickly filling up with new virtual tours as they come off the assembly lines.  We can’t begin to tell you how happy we are to get the new virtual tour software system out to you, and we thank you all so much for your patience. 

We’re quickly making changes and enhancements to the system and working very hard to tie in the last few pieces that will make Fusion complete. Moving forward and throughout the remainder of the year, you can expect that we’ll continue to enhance at a rapid pace.

Now that we’ve got a brand new virtual tour platform written from the ground up, updates will be fast and keeping you at the forefront of virtual tour technology will be very easily accomplished. Look out! Expect a LOT of great new marketing pieces to hit your RPM site and make sure you attend the next IMAGE webinar on June 26th with Ben and myself called Fusion 101.

If you have not yet received your Fusion postcard in the mail, you will shortly.  We’re live and bringing FSD’s over to the new system daily. To setup your Fusion account simply call 231-947-0684 and you will most likely have to leave a message as our staff is busy helping to bring over FSD accounts.  Leave a message and we’ll be getting back to you as quickly as possible.  Enjoy the new system and we’ll see you on our show tomorrow night!

Yours Sincerely,

Team RTV
Order a virtual tour: 866-947-8687