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I heard on the news this morning that housing sales were on the rise and it got me thinking of something that I had noticed here at the office recently. Over the last several days I’ve had the pleasure of dispatching out quite a few virtual tour leads that our dispatch center has not been able to handle being busy with photography deals, editing orders and of course coordinating shoots.  I’m not ordinarily that close to the dispatching of virtual tour leads as they come through the site so I took a look.  Yes indeed dispatches were quite a bit up over where they were this month last year!  I just love sending out virtual tour leads to our tour providers.  A virtual tour provider in our network, Stan Davis of Silicon Valley Virtual Tours wrote the following:

Thank you Jason,

You are like Santa Claus but delivering presents year around!  With these three leads today Real Tour Vision is responsible for about $2000 of my revenue this month!  Between April and May Real Tour Vision was responsible for about $1500 from the Event Rental guy you sent me.  

Last year you sent me the apartment guy that I work with.  Not only did he do 20 tours with me but he has been a Text Connect customer for almost a year with $120 /month revenue every month.

Life is Good with RTV!

Best Regards,

Stan Davis

Thank you so much Stan!! Of course we just love hearing these things from our virtual tour providers and as the market and economy wakes up I’m sure that leads going out to our virtual tour providers will continue to rise and we’ll be getting a lot more emails like this.

Remember that RTV does not set a national price for our virtual tour providers.  We let those who purchase our virtual tour system create their own personal brand, set their own pricing structure and compete on a local level.  We feel strongly that this will ultimately be the better business model over time when compared to companies that “Own” their photographers.

When you do receive a lead from RTV remember that you should contact the lead as quickly as possible. We’ve found that if you’re able to contact the customer within ten minute to a half hour you’re 90% certain to bring them to close.  Remember that these are people looking for the service online and what they’re really looking for here is a price for your professional photography and virtual tours.  They’re not going to stop looking until they get a price.  We do our very best on our end to explain how things work and why they should use our technology but after the hand off the closing of the lead is up to you. 

RTV’s all time record is 160 leads dispatched out to our virtual tour providers in a given month.  We’re very excited to see things getting back on track and it turn into success stories for so many of you out there. Our new long awaited for RealTour Fusion system will be launching any day now. Are you ready??  See what Fusion can do: http://fusion.beta.realtourvision.com/tour/76703

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