The FORMULA 62 – Selling Fusion!

We’ll we did it team! Fusion is here and now it’s time to see what’s under the hood that will put more time into your day and dollars into those coffers.  Fusion does everything. In fact, here at the show this year, our virtual tour providers were comparing Fusion to Siri, that nifty robot in iphones. Fusion sets reminders for you, Fusion allows you to task your photographers, Fusion plays full motion video, Fusion manages your YouTube account for you, Fusion makes your flyers, Fusion saves you boatloads of time, Fusion does your craigs ads, your QR Codes, Fusion does lead capture, Fusion does….well…everything!  Here’s the full list:

Since Fusion does so much more than any other virtual tour system out there, we thought it was only appropriate that we have a show for you that talks about how you might sell these features.  During the show we’ll try to do a full rundown on the many features of Fusion and how you might go about selling each one or integrating it into your business, but it’s my best guess that we’ll run out of time and will need to make a two part series out of this. Fusion is simply AMAZING!

Please join me on July 17th at 7:00 PM for our first FORMULA episode of 2012, Selling Fusion.

RTV providers sign up now in Either Tour Builder 4.0 TMS or in your new Fusion TMS.

See you there!

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