360 Virtual Tours for Businesses Do I Really Need One?

Recently I sat down with a friend of mine who happens to be a very successful  business owner. The conversation quickly got right into 360 virtual tours.  I was thrilled when he started asking me how I have been but more thrilled when we started talking about my new 360 virtual tour business ventures. He said to me that he wished that we had more 360 virtual tours covering his area as this was something a bit new to him and he was delighted to see them..Really I asked? Well, you see, I actually myself have been looking for a new place (to live) and a new warehouse/office to lease.  Wow I said again…As we talked more he told me how frustrating it has been for him as a busy and successful businessman to have to stop, take time out of his days to read through listings and then go see the listings only to be hugely disappointed.

So this really got me to thinking we as authorized virtual tour providers are really are doing an amazing and great service here for our clients and yes you really do need a 360 virtual tour. If you are a business owner or realtor, this should be proof enough, that the customers are there and are in serious need of the virtual tours, it was for me. He absolutely was so excited for me and my 360 virtual tours which was great but I was just so disappointed that he had no access to a virtual tour for his personal or business needs at this time.

I assured him to hang in there and told him to keep checking my site out at www.miragevirtualtours.com and maybe very soon we would get lucky and be able to help him out some time soon. Let me tell you that the main purpose of this blog tonight is not to talk about my conversation with my friends but rather to let you as a valued business owner and/or realtor know that your potential customers are out there and they want to see the 360 virtual tours! They need to see the virtual tours so they can make smart decisions and act on what it is they need now whether it be a new house, condo, apartment, office or warehouse space.

It just makes smart business sense in today’s market with ever changing super fast internet speeds, coupled with the ability for us to deliver to you the most sophisticated, yet easy to navigate virtual tours and superior seo not to mention the ability to place the virtual tour links into any social network space, website or emails etc It just makes sense.

Question of the week…”Me as a Businesses and 360 virtual tours, do I really need one”? The honest answer is, I think you do.

Mirage Virtual Tours is located and services Southern California including Los Angeles and Palm Springs areas and Coachella Valley. We are an authorized (RTV INC) provider for Southern California.

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