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Please join us July 10th at 7:00 PM Eastern for the launch of RTV’s newest talk show Social Realty with host, Amber Murray.

Social Realty helps virtual tour providers and realtors alike make their ‘social’ a reality with the push of a button. Bring your note pads, pens, and thinking caps because we’ll be sharing lots of valuable information during the kickoff of this show.

See you on the Premier of Social Realty!

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Submit your articles and stories to the RTV Blog and move up in Google, Yahoo, MSN and other search engines quicker than ever before!  Whether we like it or not, it’s all about back links, and getting a back link from the world’s most powerful and relevant virtual tour blog is good for you.

If you’ve been with us for awhile you’ve most likely already sent in a story or two for our virtual tour provider blog located at  You know that we send your story off to our marketing team and publish it using your geographical keywords to link back to you.  If you’re new to RTV please take a moment to become familiar with our Virtual Tour Company Blog by clicking the link above. Feel free to click around and make new connections with the people that you see posting.

How can you get tour credits for blogging?
New Comers: For those of you that are brand new to RTV, we give you one virtual tour credit for your very first blog submission. This helps break the ice and gets you started. Simply write your story down and email it to Your blog should be at least 250 words long, spell-checked, and you should use your geographical keywords (Traverse City virtual tours, Miami Virtual Tours) throughout your article. Keep your blog article relevant to the virtual tour industry by writing about how you got started, something that happened on a recent photo shoot, a new service that you’re announcing.  Anything that’s relevant to our business is perfect.  We’ll take your story and post it in the order in which you submit, link back to your website, and credit your account one virtual tour credit.  If you have any images that you would like included in your blog please attach them to the email along with your submission.

Experienced RTV Providers
: Been around here for awhile?  With the Fusion virtual tour software system alive and running, there will be so much to talk about moving forward. We’ll be giving you one free virtual tour credit for every two blogs that you submit to us.  Send us your press releases, any blogs that you do on your own, your launch stories, and of course we love to hear how our new virtual tour system is knocking the socks off of your customers and winning you more business.  Submit your blog to info(at) and be sure to include your geographical keywords in your submission. Attach any photos that you would like to have included with your blog.

Remember everyone, the RTV Blog is a great place for the public to see your capabilities, special skills, technology, and hear about your success stories. With so many exciting stories and industry related news coming from all corners of the globe the RTV Blog remains a great place for our providers to shout out to the world and build very powerful links back to their websites.

Happy Blogging everyone!

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Did you hear the news?? We’ve officially gone live with our new RealTour Fusion virtual tour software platform and let me tell you it’s worth the wait. If you have not already done so, you need to call us now at 231-947-0684 to get your live account activated with us. We’ll bring over any unused virtual tour credits that you have on the old system to Fusion. Don’t have any credits left on the old system? That’s ok…we’ll give you a couple to test drive this spectacular beast.

See for yourself what’s possible:

As you might know we started programming Fusion early last year. The Fusion virtual tour system is a 100% bottom to top rewrite of our system and she’s been programmed with over a decade of roll up your sleeves and get in the trenches experience you can only get from walking the walk.  Our input along with the input of over 3000 customers setup on our systems over the years has led to the creation of the very best virtual tour system on the market yet. We’re not just saying that…our customers are! www.

Fusion does literally everything for you and looks better than any other virtual tour forma out there. I’m not just saying that…our customers are:

Fusion handles all forms of media, including full motion video, HD still images, cylindrical panoramas, vertical panoramas, cubical panoramas, spherical panoramas, one shot panoramas, partial panoramas, flat panoramas and more.  You’ll love our FOUR built in lead capture tools for your customers, our auto exposure engine, our computer generated voice over modules, our auto posting to youtube features that also include your scrolling panoramas, the ability to push jobs to your photographers, our agent toolbox that allows your customers to edit your tours after you’ve published, our craiglist flyers, our amazing DeepStats, and so much more. In fact, Fusion has 59 new features our old system did not have, and many that no other virtual tour company offers at all. Now that we’ve got a rock solid new virtual tour software platform to grow on we’ll be adding new features constantly all the time.

Give us a call today and we’ll move any virtual tour credits that you have in your existing account on over to Fusion. Fusion credits are only ten dollars and we now allow you to put up to 60 images and five minutes of streaming video into your interactive media presentations.  Fusion is amazing! You’ll love it and and your customers will love it even more.  Start making more money and saving more time than ever thought possible with RealTour Fusion virtual tour software.


Team RTV
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PS Please call 231-947-0684 and get your Fusion account setup today!

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Virtual Tour Software Guys
I was born in st. Louis, Missouri on a warm
march afternoon. They called me Mike ‘pretty boy’ Peterson (for obvious
reasons) and I’ve been being awesome ever since. At 13 I started my
first business modifying video game consoles. At 14 I discovered my love
of the comic arts and filmed my first cartoons. Being a bit of a
history buff, I went on to earn a degree in anthropology from Purdue

2011 brought me to beautiful northern Michigan, where i currently
reside and am able to spread my particular brand af awesomness to the
lovely residents of Traverse City. When I’m not making people smile
(happens a lot) I divide my time between playing music, perfecting my
art skills,and being the guy with dreadlocks here at RTV virtual tour company.

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We’ll we did it team! Fusion is here and now it’s time to see what’s under the hood that will put more time into your day and dollars into those coffers.  Fusion does everything. In fact, here at the show this year, our virtual tour providers were comparing Fusion to Siri, that nifty robot in iphones. Fusion sets reminders for you, Fusion allows you to task your photographers, Fusion plays full motion video, Fusion manages your YouTube account for you, Fusion makes your flyers, Fusion saves you boatloads of time, Fusion does your craigs ads, your QR Codes, Fusion does lead capture, Fusion does….well…everything!  Here’s the full list:

Since Fusion does so much more than any other virtual tour system out there, we thought it was only appropriate that we have a show for you that talks about how you might sell these features.  During the show we’ll try to do a full rundown on the many features of Fusion and how you might go about selling each one or integrating it into your business, but it’s my best guess that we’ll run out of time and will need to make a two part series out of this. Fusion is simply AMAZING!

Please join me on July 17th at 7:00 PM for our first FORMULA episode of 2012, Selling Fusion.

RTV providers sign up now in Either Tour Builder 4.0 TMS or in your new Fusion TMS.

See you there!

Jason LaVanture
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