Traverse City Real Estate Photography Hits The Show

Gearing up for the annual Traverse City Association of Realtors (TAAR) event is always fun.  This year Jim and I are very excited to show off our new BlueLaVa Fusion Tours to the local agents.  In preparation we had a very nice virtual tour banner created to promote some of the more powerful features that Fusion brings such as Full Motion Video, Lead Capture, Exposure Engine and more.  We have plenty of BlueLaVa pens to hand out and of course we’re all stocked up on logo wear and business cards.

The local event takes place on May 10th at the Haggerty Center here in Traverse City and typically a couple hundred local real estate agents show up.  Since we started our Traverse City Virtual Tour company back in 2007 we have been the only real estate photography vendor at this event. We do have some competition here in town but they’re not an affiliate member of our MLS board.

We’ll be sure to keep everyone posted as to how the event plays out for us and the feedback that we get from customers and potential customers on the new system.  Go RTV!


Jason LaVanture
Traverse City Virtual Tours