Tour My Town Traveles To TC

Well folks, I did it!  I traveled to Traverse City, Michigan to attend the RTV 2012 virtual tour conference.  Not only did I meet the owner/founder of Real Tour Vision and the amazing team, I had the opportunity to get connected to the most amazing group of RTV virtual tour providers.  Traverse City – clean and the friendliest place I have ever been.  Had I drove, it would have been a six hour trip….the plane ride there was 9 hours and lost luggage, but returning home was a whole other thing – 18 hours, and yet again lost luggage.   Was it worth it?   YES, YES, YES!!!!

My goal, was to meet Jason and Ben and to learn a lot about running a virtual tour company.  I was so excited and certainly not disappointed.  As for meeting my fellow virtual tour providers from around teh world, I have to say the first one to “captivate” me was Jackie.   It didn’t surprise me to later discover she was a super successful virtual tour provider throughout the USA.  Then I met Nancy Bain, the sweetheart of sweethearts (a fellow Canadian) Patty Haessig thanked me for keeping her calm on the plane (but she doesn’t know it was the other way around) and Kristen Plaisance is a true southern belle.    They were all so eager to share their virtual tour knowledge with me.   Right along with them I met the wonderful Glenn Farrell (another fellow Canadian) and I will never forget Dale Hart – he kept everyone in stitches.  My bud of all buds was Larry Jennings.  He was super and oh so very helpful.  It was a pleasure to meet them all!

I attended classes on photography, photoshop, RealTour Fusion (RTV’s new virtual tour software platform), learned about the ShutterBot and small business management.  Well organized and informative classes.  Jacque Burke did an amazing job organizing everything and I am sure we all can’t thank her enough. I now hope to receive LOTS of assisted care photography jobs from RTV!!

I didn’t quite get to see all of the goings on at Zakey’s Saturday night.  My friend that traveled with me and I, were a tad late getting to Zakey’s and were seated in a booth.  We were unable to be seated at the table with everyone else or share in the conversation,but when we discovered we weren’t able to have a glass of vino with our meal, we quietly left and had a fabulous dinner at the hotel.  We must have had some insight that getting served, let alone getting our meal was going to take a very very long time. By the way, props to choosing the Park Plaza Hotel to have the virtual tour convention at.  They were amazing!

Being a Northern Ontario virtual tour provider has been a great thing, but being a virtual tour provider with RTV was the best decision I have ever made.  I am also a real estate sales representative.  I had a client that would only list with me if I did a 360 virtual tour.  I didn’t have a clue.  So, onto the internet.  Who was number 1 on Google search for 360 virtual tour providers???? RTV!!  I called and got to speak with a sales rep who in turn “gave me” the opportunity to do an immediate V-slide and I was floored at the ease of use (I am no techie – Ben can attest to this)  I jumped at the chance to be an RTV virtual tour provider.

I can’t wait to see what this group of wonderful (and yet crazy) team at RTV has in store for us at the 2013 RTV virtual tour Conference. 

Cyndi Ingleton
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