RTV Launches Rotator XS at Provider Convention

RTV had much success with the launch of the new RTV Rotator XS over the weekend at the virtual tour convention.  Virtual tour providers from all over the world got first dibs on the new enhanced XS Pano Head. A hybrid of our X3 redesigned to photograph and capture full 360 x 360 Spherical virtual tour photography for use in the RealTour Fusion virtual tour system. The XS has a hinged arm to allow the camera to point up and down and also features a quick disconnect camera mount allowing you to quickly remove your camera from the rotator for shooting stills or video clips also supported by the new Fusion platform.

Weighing in at only 2 lbs. 10.3 ounces, the new Rotator XS The Rotator XS was designed with the same engineering excellence as the X3, and RTV is continuing a lifetime warranty on the unit.

The XS rotator will sell for $400  brand new, and will be included in our new FusionMax XS virtual tour builder kit.  RTV will continue selling the popular X3 unit for $300.00 and it will be included in our new FusionMax X3 builder kit.

XS Panoramic Rotator HeadCurrent RTV providers who are thinking about getting into 360 X 360 photography, RTV has not forgotten about you. The Rotator XS is built with the same rotating base as our, X3, and Mini allowing you to simply purchase the new XS arm and attach for an instant upgrade.  The XS has the identical pre-measured 12 clicking positions as its predecessors and depending on the lens you use, our rotators are capable of shooting 12, 6, 4, 3, or 2 picture panoramas.

We’re very excited about the new XS and the new kind of 360 X 360 virtual tours it will bring. Upgrade to an XS today for only $179 or purchase new.  We sold completely out of our first batch of  XS’s and upgrade arms at the show however RTV plans on having a batch of sixty in stock early next week. 


XS Panoramic Rotator HeadThank you all for coming to our convention and taking the 11 virtual tour classes that were held.  We’re going to be looking for a new convention center for next years virtual tour convention since we went over the hotel’s capacity at this years event.

Thanks for your continued support!

Team RTV
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