Most of you are now familiar with the latest in electronic-internet advertising…THE QR CODE!
When you are cold-calling or establishing new accounts, don’t forget to offer your customer QR codes.
We provide our virtual tour clients with a free QR code for both their virtual tours and website.
It is important to demonstrate the QR app and help them use their iphone or android to access the app.
Pick up any print ads that have QR codes to show them that this is the latest in technology.

Of course some of your clients will be familiar with the QR concept, but then again some will give
you the dazed over look when you mention “QR”.

Everyone wants the latest technology, even if they are still learning….

To have our virtual tour business clients immediately begin using QR’s, we provide them with a window sign

 “come visit us…” (placing the QR code on the sign). When the establishment is closed for business, people who come up to the store or restaurant can scan the code and get to the website/tour immediately.

Enhance and increase your sales with the concept.

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NE Mississippi Virtual Tours
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