Like the “Big Bang”, RTV Fusion Explodes!

As I sit here cruising at 30,000 feet somewhere above Kansas on Screaming babies Airline flight 1190 out of Houston, the second leg of a 3 leg 12 hour journey to the 2nd annual RTV Conference in Traverse City Michigan, I am reminded about how pleased I am to be a part of the RTV family of Virtual Tour providers.

Why else would I endure 6 hrs in a 50 ton sardine can with zero leg room, over-priced food and beverages, the aforementioned screaming babies, chilly temps and downright rude people?
Besides being truly impressed with Jason LaVanture co-founder and Vice president of RTV since that fateful day 5 or so years ago when Jason actually returned my call inquiring about an RTV providership. I am impressed with this virtual tour company as a whole!  Everyone at RTV is very supportive in every way. Suffice it to say support for the RTV providers is paramount.

That support translates into the bigest virtual tour technology update in the Virtual Tour industry! Any minute now RTV, in its effort to always stay relevant and up-to-date, will launch the powerful RealTour Fusion, an absolutely revolutionary Virtual Tour platform that is unsurpassed by anything in the industry.  Fusion will be what every other Virtual Tour Company out there will try to emulate. Try as they might, they will never be able to come close.

Always striving to stay ahead of the curve, Jason and his highly dedicated team of programmers have created the definitive Virtual Tour platform by which all others will be judged! Soon Realtors all over the Country will be able to blow their competition away with a new HD, full screen 360 Virtual Tours designed to give them full control over many features, save time and increase their bottom line. Translation: Mo money, Mo Money, Mo Money!

This new cutting-edge technology, until now unseen in the industry, fuses all of the elements of 21 century Real Estate Marketing into one cohesive platform that leaves it just a step behind the 22nd Century!

Virtual Tour Features that include:
•    360 panoramas
•    still images
•    streaming video
•    Custom voiceovers for scene by scene voice descriptions!
•    Full bold color flyers as well as printable flyers
•    QR code generator
•    Full Syndication including & Craigslist
•    E-Flyers
•    An Agent back office
•    Interactive, photo-enhanced floor plans
•    Lead capture, YES! Lead capture! Finally you will be able to know exactly who viewed the tour!
•    Thumbs up, thumbs down buttons
•    On-line tour ordering (log-in, order tour, schedule tour, publish tour)
•    YouTube video generator

And so much more your head would explode if I gave it all to you!

So I shall spare you the untimely and painful death and just say that it all comes in a very sexy and visually stunning  package with a Full Screen, HD Virtual Tour window designed to make the Real Estate Agent look more state-of-the-art and professional then ever!

Realtors: Sellers will be knocking down your door to sign with you and get one of these cutting edge tours for their home!

As I close this blog we are starting to make our dissent into Chicago. The beverage carts have been stowed, trash collected, my seat is in the upright position and my seat belt is fastened and yes, the babies after a short respite have started to scream again.

So I sit here as turbulence bounces us through the atmosphere (BTW, I love turbulence, call me crazy but I do) I look ahead to my last flight of the day into Traverse City and picture myself at the Hotel sipping a glass of Merlot and look forward to a weekend of Fusion with friends old and new.

P.S.  Make no mistake about it, Airline travel is HELL! (After 3 gate changes and a 20 minute delay in Chicago I am finally on a plane that resembles a greyhound bus with wings; on my way to Traverse City) BUT, Fusion is pure Heaven!

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Dale Hart
Owner – DragonFly 360 Imaging
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