Gloucester Photography Company Expands Offering

I’ve been doing real estate photography as well as Hotel Photography for a while now, and I’ve used a number of the virtual tour software products out there to produce the slide shows and virtual tour images … mostly based on what the agents were using (some have their own virtual tour software or like a particular system, so I learned to work within their business model).

In an ever-changing real estate market, I decided to find a virtual tour solution that would accommodate my own business model, I chose RTV!   After my initial conversation, I knew that RTV would have all the powerful marketing tools that I wanted to incorporate and would give me the flexibility to grow my business.   I had almost forgotten about the convention until I received a blog post about things to come.  Wow !  The types of things that I was interested in adding to my business were all there — and not just that, they were better than I had imagined !

Making the decision to come to the virtual tour convention was an easy one.  Some ‘life’ things changed, and I was disappointed that I would probably miss the convention — but, as luck would have it, they changed again!  Wow, I could go … but no flight, I would have to drive.  No hotel, all the RTV providers had the entire hotel booked.  What to do ?   Wow!  Ben Knorr called me — out of the blue for some follow-up questions I had.  I don’t believe in coincidences!   I told Ben that I was interested in coming but didn’t know what to do about a room.  Right then, on the spot, Ben found me a hotel room at the same rate, got me confirmed and I was on my way.  Thanks, Ben !

Day 1 — Not knowing what to expect, I found a seat and looked around.  Lots of folks with their cameras, laptops, tablets, smartphones …. yep, I’m in the right place.   I thoroughly enjoyed all the sessions that I attended.  The opportunity to go over the new Fusion virtual tour software platform in open forum was a huge help.  I was so excited when the MagicPlan was presented.  That’s what I’ve been looking at and now to find that it’s going to be bundled with the virtual tours takes it over the top !   I have been curious about the spherical virtual tours for some time as well.  I’ve been doing a few walk-thru videos for folks as well as some other “testimonial” videos, and now, being able to bring it all together just knocks it out of the park !  I look forward to hearing more from Ben on all the equipment and software specs.  I don’t want to forget the other training sessions either.  The sales and marketing session was packed full of ideas and things to think about – I took lots of notes – Thanks Real Tour Vision! 

Overall, I took away a lot from the convention and all the participants.  I had the opportunity to compare notes with the folks sitting around me … it was great to hear ideas and share information and compare challenges, notes and experiences.   Needless to say, I left the RTV convention excited !   The drive home gave me time to process my thoughts and ideas.  I was so excited to get started with the new marketing materials, doing a little road show and getting in front of the agents at the various office that I work with, and wowing them all with the new add-ons that I plan on incorporating.

I still have a lot to process, but have been feverishly putting together the elements of my presentation and marketing materials.   I’ve already started with my BNI network group … they are my sounding board and are hearing about the upcoming changes.  I’ve already spoken to the local MLS board and have offered to do a social media lunch & learn for them … just to get the face time to talk about the importance of photography, interactive virtual tours, interactive floor plans and “top of mind”.

I left the RTV convention with new confidence to be able to talk to my clients, and potential clients, and to take my business to the next level.

Thanks for the RTV staff for everything, and thanks to all the presenters for taking the time to share their virtual tour business practices so that we all can learn and grow.

Karen Lawson
Gloucester Virtual Tours
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