Don’t Let The Price Shoppers Slide Away

When I first got started with RTV I naturally introduced myself to the local realtors here in the Sarasota and Tampa area of Florida with a discounted, introductory rate. But as I raised my rates to where I felt they should be…my phone stopped ringing. I wasn’t about to get into a price war with the other local photographers who were so clearly offering an inferior product. So, I’ve been concentrating my focus on the homeowners themselves.

Whenever I get a “pricing” call, it’s easy to hear in the prospect’s voice the uninterested tone as soon as I mention my rates for 6 panoramas plus stills. You can bet even money that they’ve already heard a lesser price from another virtual tour photographer and the prospect figures that all real estate virtual tours are the same.

The key is not to sound like a salesman. Simply talk matter-of-factly
about all the extras we offer that the other photographers don’t. You
see, most prospects haven’t taken the time to actually see any of your
virtual tours before they call. They’re simply going down a list and
looking for the best deal, thinking that all real estate virtual tours
are the same.  

and I always make sure that they realize this before they hang up.

“What did you think of our full screen option?” or  “Do you realize that we provide you with a weekly hit report that runs deep.” or “Did you know that our virtual tours rank naturally in the search engines giving you even more exposure?” or even “How did you like the ‘share tour’ feature?” When they admit that they haven’t seen any of the features…you got ’em!!

Most of the time, curiosity will get the better of them and this will stop the prospect in their tracks. That’s when the questions start and all you have to do is send them to your web site. Talk them through one of yoru sample real estate tours, showing them all the extras that the other photographers don’t offer and you now have a genuine interest. Of course, once you’ve sold them, you now have to deliver. Here’s where “over-delivering” really pays off!!

Most prospects will agree to 6 pans but whenever I quote rates, I always mention my rates for EXTRA pans as well. Then, I shoot EVERYTHING!! When I put the virtual tour together, I will from time to time, wind up with a few extra pans. I then send the tour to the client with the extra pans and a message stating that they should let me know which pans to delete…OR…I can simply bill them for the extra pans should they decide to keep it as is.

Guess what? I have never had anyone ask to delete any of the extra pans. A few days later, I receive a check for the balance which sometimes comes out to be double my initial rate.

The best part is this…They do so willingly and happily. How do I know this? Half of my virtual tour business has come from word-of-mouth and continues to grow through recommendations from satisfied customers.

So, let your competition under-cut your price. If you “over-deliver”, it won’t matter. You’ll come out on top and earn the higher rate.

Good luck providers and get ready for Fusion!

Mike Vega
Order a virtual tour: 941-376-5713