A Dallas Virtual Tour Provider Heads North

Thanks Jason, Jacque, Ben and the whole team at RTV for putting on the best virtual tour provider conference in the world.  My trip began by flying from Dallas to Grand Rapids, MI and driving up with my good friends Dawn Frees and Chris.  What amazing people we have as part of the RTV virtual tour network.   Mario Spaghetti -aka Dawn- did an excellent job of driving in the sometimes torrential rain.  On the drive, we were keeping in touch with others in route via the RTV Facebook Fan Page

I was excited to see there were lots of other Disc Golfers in our group.  Thursday evening I ran into Larry Jennings and he and I decided to play at 6am the next morning.  Thanks for bringing the plastic, Larry!  I am not sure if I would have been so excited if I had realized that 6am Traverse City time was actually 5am Dallas time.  Ouch, that 4:45 wake- up call was pretty brutal.  At any rate, Larry and I played 9 holes of disc golf to begin our conference experience on Friday morning.  A most excellent start to the weekend!

Disc golf out of the way, I was ready to be amazed by the new RealTour Fusion virtual tour system training.  I was NOT disappointed.  The Fusion virtual tour system has everything we need to take our virtual tour businesses to the next level –  virtual tour narration, You Tube uploads, flyer creation, exposure engine, lead grabber, 360 x 360 spherical support, full motion video, amazing animated hot spots, and more – this system has it all!  Fusion is going to transform real estate virtual tours, as well as give us a fresh look for those commercial virtual tours.

Next up was Jacque Burke and Gabe Clark discussing the new Tour Track system.  As a career sales person, I cannot tell you how refreshing it is to have a company basically giving you FREE leads.  As part of the RTV network we have the chance to be a part of nationwide contracts, adding to the business of each virtual tour provider. Keep those leads coming, we won’t let you down!

The rest of the weekend was full of valuable information for my Dallas virtual tour company on everything from floor plan creation, Photoshop, photography tips and some really great sales training.  Thanks to Dawn Frees, Donna Bigg, Dale Hart, Chuck Gullet for sharing your wealth of knowledge with us.  Something really great happens when you have a bunch of private business owners getting together and sharing what has made them successful.  Jimmy Plessinger and I had a great conversation about his marketing strategies.   I hope to use them to get closer to his 600+ virtual tours year!

Besides the classes, it was great to catch up with friends I met last year and build some new friendships.   One of the things I find difficult about having my own virtual tour business and working from home is that I miss the camaraderie of an office.  You can begin to feel like you are on an island. Besides, some of my best friends I have met by working side by side.  Thanks RTV for giving us a place to get together with other  virtual tour providers and discuss what works and what doesn’t and build new friendships.  The provider network that RTV has provided is a strong group.  I look forward to growing my Dallas virtual tour company,  being a part of the RTV family and building these friendships for many years to come. 


Lisa and Michael Castro

Dallas – Fort Worth Virtual Tour Company

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