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My husband and I had just joined the RTV Virtual Tour Provider family at the beginning of April. I had been with one of the competitors previously and was a little hesitant at first because of the experience we had with the other Virtual Tour Company. We had not planned on attending the virtual tour conference because we did not think we had it in the budget then we robbed our piggy bank. Thankfully RTV sent us several tour track jobs requiring hotel photography so we were able to go!

We decided we had to make the investment in ourselves and our virtual tour business if we were going to make it work. We wanted to meet the owner/founder of Real Tour Vision, the rest of the amazing RTV team. What a staff!! Additionally we were excited to meet so many virtual tour providers from around the world. Most importantly we wanted to see if Jason was for real!!! He had been a breath of fresh air after my past experience. He was very exciting to talk with and very passionate about his business. He was very responsive and always had time for me if I called with a question. We were pleasantly surprised and relieved to meet Jason and see he was for real, truly an honest business man who cares about our success.(not just his success) RTV was for real, they are the picture of the AMERICAN DREAM and an opportunity for anyone who wants to put some sweat equity into growing a photography and virtual tour business. (A dream come true)

Our flight from Detroit took 2 ½ hours instead of 30 minutes due to storms in the Traverse City area but we were very excited about the RTV Conference and weren’t going to let anything stress us out.

We had to stay at the Holiday Inn down the road because the Park Plaza Hotel was full of RTV providers when we decided to make the trip. We met another new RTV virtual tour provider at the restaurant Thursday night dinner, Steven Kheir who is going to offer Dubai Virtual Tours. He was amazing and a joy to talk with. The Holiday Inn was a very clean hotel; we had a wonderful room on the Lake. The meals at the Holiday Inn were great and the morning and evening walks weren’t too far and was a nice walk. Gave a chance to see the amazing Traverse City, It is a very clean, friendly town, reminded me of our little hometown here in Cocoa Village, Florida.

 We had the opportunity to meet and connect with some amazing RTV virtual tour providers, some who have been RTV virtual tour providers for 5, 8 even 10 years. We had the opportunity to meet Ben who is a wonderful trainer; he shared with us the new technology and the new XS rotator head for spherical panoramas. We attended classes on photography skills from Dale Hart and Chuck Gullet, Photoshop with Donna Bigg, (the photoshop guru), we learned about the Shutterbot (got one on order) Jason and Ben shared with us the changes coming down the road the RealTour Fusion (RTV’s new virtual tour software platform), Jackie shared her expertise with us and the A, B, C’s of Sales and Marketing. Her husband/partner George shared with a few of the newbie’s his work flow and how he sets up and shoots his Virtual Tours, how the Shutterbot works, some tips and things to look for when we are shooting our virtual tours.

We also met the amazing Jacque Burke who did a fabulous job organizing the conference and keeping Jason and the team on schedule. The overall impression was this team is well organized they have a mission and know how they are going to get there. We are anxious to be a part of the journey.

All of the RTV virtual tour providers were so eager to share their virtual tour knowledge and experiences with all of us. It was so exciting and a pleasure to meet everyone. We are so excited about being apart of this team of RTV virtual tour providers and look forward to the growth of our Cocoa Virtual Tour Business. I am proud to be apart of a professional team of individuals who have wonderful products to offer our customers.

We are already planning ahead to attend 2013 RTV Virtual Tour Conference, even though the Holiday Inn was great we would like to stay with the rest of the group next year.
Can’t wait to see everyone again and how we have all grown…..

William & Gay Colleypriest
Cocoa Virtual Tours
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