Ashtabula Virtual Tour Company Heads North

Well, I recently attended my first RTV virtual tour software conference – a gathering of professional virtual tour photographers who specialize in 360 interactive virtual tours.  It was presented by RTV, Inc. – – and held in beautiful Traverse City, Michigan.  It was quite a thrill in realizing that my photography business, Scenes From Above, LLC, would be continuing to expand into the realm of being a virtual tour provider.  There were so many memorable moments during the long weekend – I left my home at 8:15 am on Thursday morning to drive to Cleveland Airport – and, like many others, had I kept right on driving, I’d have arrived in Traverse City before my flight actually did!  There were weather delays on the connecting flight from Detroit to Traverse City, and a one hour flight became a three and a half hour ordeal!  But that didn’t dampen my enthusiasm… I knew that Jason LaVanture, Jacque Burke, Ben Knorr, and the ENTIRE RTV team would be putting on quite a show for all of the virtual tour providers attending.

Part of my trip had a diversion built in – I am an avid disc golfer, and I knew of Hickory Hill Disc Golf Course, just west of town.  I had intended to play Thursday evening, but with my flight arriving so late, that idea was squelched.  Not to worry, our first class didn’t start until 10 am the next morning – so at 6 am the next morning, Lisa Freeman Castro and I took a taxi to the course, getting there just before sunrise.  We told the taxi to be back at 8:30, so that gave us time to play about 14 holes… very nice course, and we got to see several deer frolicking around the woods.

So the classes started at 10 am, and we were exposed to the new RealTour Fusion Virtual Tour System.  THIS THING ROCKS! I can’t wait to start presenting it to the real estate agents ordering their Ashtabula virtual tours from me. I’m also planning on presenting it to some of the local restaurants, lodgings (bed & breakfasts), and other tourist  businesses here in North East Ohio.  The next two days continued with other presentations by RTV employees and virtual tour providers – all the presentations were certainly worthwhile and interesting – and it was rather refreshing to hear different points of view about how individuals performed their work (with flash, without flash) – and the clever, creative ways that they get their foot in the door with prospective clients.

After a day of classes, it was time to unwind at the top of the Park Place Hotel – there was such a beautiful view of the city and the lake from the top floor… after dinner and drinks there were several speakers and awards given, but the crowning moment of the evening was the emotion that was summoned up by Jason LaVanture, as he thanked his team – and he brought ALL of us so much closer together, and he made us realize what he and his team have worked so hard for: To give us what will be the BEST VIRTUAL TOUR system on the planet!

More classes on Saturday, with the same high impact messages being delivered by RTV staff and other virtual tour providers as well.  I think that everyone was satisfied with the content, and by the end of the day, we were all looking forward to a nice dinner at a local Greek restaurant.  And even though there were some delays and other issues at the restaurant, a good time was had by all, especially due to the unique entertainment that ensued there… It’s not like we had anyplace to go…. EXCEPT for room 209… but then that’s another blog all together!

Thanks to all the great people that I met and learned so much from – Jimmy, Cyndi, Lisa, Nancy, Claudia, Glen, Dale, Bobby, Patty, Chuck, and all the others: ‘Til we meet again!  Keep shootin’ in circles!

Larry Jennings
Scenes From Above, LLC
Ashtabula, OH 360 virtual tours