An Adventurous Virtual Tour Provider

I’ve always been one to try adventurous new things.  I’ve taken lessons to fly a helicopter, followed a mysterious, mumbling Chinese woman into a dark New York apartment because I thought she said she had a good deal on a knock-off watch and against all advice and common sense, even rented a car in Rome.  Why was Traverse City, Michigan so nerve-racking?

It had only been 6 months since I first spoke to RTV. At that time, I would have sworn the conversation was about his Christmas plans and the weather here in Tulsa, but after hanging up, I realized that I had just become a RTV and started offering vacation rental photography too. Now, I was on my way to RTV’s 2012 virtual tour provider convention.  I imagined a tight-knit group of virtual tour jockeys and photography nerds with cameras dangling from their necks. They would be bursting into laughter at geeky photography jokes with punch lines like, “… not with THAT spherical aberration, I won’t!” Would I be expected to prove my skills at shooting a 360 virtual tour?  Would I be laughed out of the building because I have the wrong lens? My fear and anxiety grew as the plane got closer.

I walked into the conference room the first morning and found a seat. As the session was about to start,the man next to me made a funny comment in a strong New York accent.  I laughed and he introduced himself as Dale.  I knew that I had at least one friend in the room.  Over the course of the weekend, my adventurous nature came back. I made a point of introducing myself to the amazing and patient Ben, who never once said, “Would you PLEASE stop calling and emailing me with questions!?” like I’d imagined he would.  At the awards banquet, I stalked Jason until he finally got tired of the woman stalking him and got a free moment.When I took the chance to say hello, he actually remembered who I was and where I was from.  (I choose to believe it’s because I’ve totally impressed him, not because I’ve got a memorable last name and bother him with lots of e-mails.)  On Saturday evening, I stepped out of my shy comfort zone and joined the “cool kids” at Zaiky’s.  Had I not gone, I would have missed the opportunity to sit across from Jessica – one of the most talented and lovely women I’ve ever had the pleasure of meeting.  In fact, she was so captivating, I hardly noticed the disgruntled Middle Eastern man throwing a phone at his customers. 

My flight home was cancelled and I had to spend an extra day in Traverse City; but I was okay with that. I took a long walk through the pretty downtown area, my mind filled with new information and great ideas on how to build my virtual tour business and make it successful.  I also thought about my fellow RTV providers and how generous they had been with their advice, help and patience with the newbies. 

I’ve started another new adventure and the old saying is true, “it’s the journey, not the destination that’s important.” Because of my previous journeys, I can now hover in a helicopter, miss appointments because my crappy knock-off watch stopped running and I’ve had the most wonderful Italian meal at a tiny place I’d never have found had I not gotten lost driving in Rome. And no matter where my virtual tour business ends up, I’ll always remember that the first leg of this journey began in Traverse City, Michigan.


Jeanine Persichini
Tulsa Virtual Tours
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