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While Real Estate virtual tours is our bread and butter, it isn’t the best part of being a virtual tour provider with RTV. There are numerous perks, if you will, to being a virtual tour provider.  For example, weekend vacations, dinners, memberships, free trips to the dentist…yes really! And quite honestly so much more.  Let me start by telling you about our first “perk”.  A couple of years ago Mike and I bought a travel trailer and with it came 21 free nights of camping, all we had to do was go to this resort and listen to their pitch to join.

So, ok, I want the free camping and I tell Mike, “We are absolutely not buying a membership! No way, no how!!”  We get there (about an hour from our home) and take the tour.  It’s very nice; we’d actually like to join, but $8,000!!  Yeah, 8 grand!!  Mike says, “what if I could get it for free?”  Well, heck yeah…give it a try.  We go into the little meeting area where they try to work you over and get you to join.  We listened to it all and then Mike made his pitch, “We have something you absolutely need…”  Their ears perked up.  We offered to do their virtual tours of all 5 (a total of 7 tours with 30 scenes each) of their parks in Michigan and a web site in exchange for the membership.  They loved the idea and we put it in writing that day!  It took us two weeks to complete the virtual tours, but we vacationed at the resorts the entire time!  Furthermore, we now have a lifetime membership to the resorts.  Is that not a perk or what?

The resort membership was by no means our only perk.  We have gone on 2 fabulous, week long, houseboat trips ($5000-$7000 a piece), one on Norris Lake in Tennessee and one on Green River Lake in Kentucky.  We still have one houseboat trip banked for the spring of next year on Lake Cumberland (KY).  We’ve also spent a weekend in a condo in Mackinaw City, a weekend in a log chalet overlooking Lake Norris, a weekend in a 5000 square foot retreat home with a private pool and hot tub and numerous free dinners around the country!

To sum it all up, the perks are absolutely awesome!  Quite honestly, if you work it right, you will never have to “pay” for a vacation again!!  Don’t discredit the real estate virtual tours though.  They pay the bills!

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