New Streaming Webinars & RTV Marketing Materials

Good news everyone! We’ve recently organized and enhanced our virtual tour webinar directory.  If you have not visited the site lately please do so now and enjoy our new streaming video format.

This is wonderful news for those of you out there with MAC computers who had trouble watching our webinars in the past and is also great news for those of you who would like to watch the webinars at a later time from a mobile device.  Moving forward we will be streaming all of our held extended education classes and webinars in this format to help ensure trouble free viewing of each session.

Our second order of business today is a logo pack that we’ve uploaded to the site for you. The logo pack contains many icons that our marketing team has made to rally around the new Fusion products and services.  Login now and enjoy the new streaming videos and be sure to download the icon pack found under the new “Graphics & Icons” section in materials.


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