It’s Like Waiting For Summer

You’ve been patient and the wait is almost over!  RealTour Fusion is coming together in a way that is quickly surpassing even our extremely high expectations!

I don’t shoot tours or even process virtual tours like you virtual tour providers do. I merely create virtual tour centric marketing documents that help you maintain a professional look and feel, understand our offerings, and of course convey a specific message to your target audience. I wanted to send in a blog today and let each and every one of you know that I’ve spent endless hours over the past few months pouring over each new features of the Fusion platform. As of today, I am almost finished with the near 30 page document for our Full Service providers that outlines all of the options from RTV, the packages available and pricing.

I also just finished up a new postcard and am working on a four page new technology announcement for you to use. Once I’m finished with that I’ll start kicking out other things for you to use like updated power points, brochures, postcards and more. My point is this,  I have been working with the words that describe the Fusion player.  Last night however, things really changed for me.  I finally watched in awe a Fusion tour where video had been embedded, still photos and panos streamed across the screen smoothly, detailed property information was easy to access and I was amazed.  Finally, all of the pieces are coming together and they are coming your way SOON!  I have no doubts you will be thrilled with the new Fusion virtual tour system and energized to begin creating your own Fusion interactive virtual media!

Jill Sill
Virtual Tour Marketing & Hotel Photography