Grab a Paper and Hit the Open House

Hello RTV. Mike Willett here. I just wanted to let you know of a great tactic that I’ve used in the past to get some new customers and meet local agents.  It’s also a great way to get out there and tell people out your new up and coming products and services. I’m talking about taking some on a Sunday to tour the open houses in your area. Seriously, it’s a great way to connect with agents who would LOVE nothing more than to have some company.  These may be agents that you already know too.  What a great way to sit down at chat about new up and coming enhancements. Trust me, you’re not going to find an agent busy at an open house. We don’t want to become pests by intruding on an agent’s selling opportunity, but when things are slow, most agents enjoy a little conversation, especially with someone that is familiar with their business. 

Using this approach, you can find out how they feel about the current market, and if they are open to doing something more to bring people to their listings.  A warning, however, watch your state of mind.  Many realtors are still just coming out of the poor economy and still a little cautious. Some will still whine and moan about it, which simply gives you an opportunity to talk positively about all the ways you can help.  What ever you do, don’t get caught in the trap of wallowing in self pity with them.  Stay positive, upbeat, and encouraging, and you might just be surprised at the reaction, and, the possible virtual tour business it brings you.

Meeting realtors on their turf can be a great way to get to know your market, and for your market to get to know you.  Let them know how knowledgeable you are, what you have to offer, how it can help, but most of all, make a friend.  Get to know the agents in your area and become a friend.  People like to do business with people they know, especially friends! 

We’re on our way down to Florida to re-establish ourselves down there and we’re excited to launch the new Fusion system when we get there. Good luck everyone!

Mike Willett – 815-758-1171
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