Get Your $$$’s Worth

You are in the virtual tour business. You are making money. You are spending money. These three facts are true. Are you getting your money’s worth out of the spending?  Are you using a credit card to buy your products, your monthly website subscription, your insider subscription, your virtual tour credits, your inserts, your supplies, etc. etc, the list goes on. You are spending a fair amount of money if you are being successful.

What do I mean by ‘getting your money’s worth’. I don’t suppose that many of you just throw money away carelessly, but the fact is that you may be doing it unknowingly, or at least leaving it behind. If you are using a credit card AND you are paying off your bill COMPLETELY each month, you, first of all, are not paying credit interest and that is the equivalent of a small loan by the credit card company each month! Of course, don’t pay late or it’ll cost you. Best to have automatic payment or debited by the credit card company to your bank each month. That way you won’t forget.

Next if you are not using a rewards card, you ARE NOT getting your money’s worth out of your spending. I.E. you are leaving behind something worthwhile, be it air miles, discount, cash back, etc. Now you may be saying, ‘oh, geez, its only a little each month and it won’t ever add up to anything. WRONG! WRONG! WRONG!  I have been using an AMEX Delta card for as many purchases as I can,(some places don’t like AMEX). That is the first of my strategies. Second is that no matter what, the monthly balance is paid in FULL each month.
What does that do for us? Well, if you are putting almost all your monthly debt,  on the right plastic, you may find you are adding up  thousands of points per month. 

For most continental US flights, 40,000 points will take you somewhere and back. Example, the cost to fly to the virtual tour convention from San Antonio to Grand Rapids & return would cost us (2) about $1000. The cost to us: 80,000 points which comes out of our over 340,000 points we have accrued over the years.

Don’t say it! We  haven’t had to save this up for years and years and years. In fact I’ve flown to Europe twice using sky miles and the wife and I flew to Hawaii on vacation using sky miles. 

You can do it too! Think of it this way, you spend money buying your materials from RTV and in return, RTV is helping  you (us get a ‘free’ trip to the convention each year. Now that’s what I call getting your money’s worth!!

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