Combining Different Property Marketing Tools with Overlapping Benefits

Recently I fielded a question that got me thinking about the overlapping benefits that are becoming more prevalent in the world of property marketing. 

Today, when I provide a complete service to one of my Realtor clients, I am providing them with no less than three URLs for different web enabled systems.  Each of these systems was originally designed to accommodate a specific benefit but as development edged on for each of these products they started doing some of the same things. 

Inevitably, I got the question, “Which of these do I choose to use?” when dealing with overlapping functionality. 

The right answer is “all of them”.  Even though each tool or service you provide may for example provide a QR code, the details behind that QR code still drive its use.  The best realtors realize this and build a market strategy around the benefits of each marketing tool. I believe that the best approach is to position both as complimentary rather than competing tools. It may be a challenge to do this when dealing with two QR codes but if you emphasize to the client that they create a marketing plan that uses all your services everyone comes out a winner. You, of course keep your client and continue to provide them with a unique combination of services. The client Realtor has more comprehensive coverage of the market with different views that attract different buyers or sellers, and the buying or selling home owner has more ways to choose to communicate with your realtor. The final cost, a few extra marketing dollars that likely will be paid for the whole year easily with one extra listing or sale and a little effort to become a better Realtor.

Here is an extra tip:  as a 360 home tour maker and property marketing expert, build an entire marketing strategy for your clients that includes all of your services.  The Realtor will appreciate your comprehensive view of their business and you create an opportunity to showcase your entire product line. The added silver lining is you will never have to answer to the question, “which service do I choose?”. 

Exposure Elements is a Silicon Valley virtual tour provider delivering engaging and cutting edge property marketing services to the entire San Francisco Bay Area.  Realtors and property managers choose to do their interactive internet media with us because of our creative approach and advanced software.  Exposure Elements partners with Real Tour Vision for industry leading virtual tour interfaces and TxT2Look for mobile development services.

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